With the technology continuing to improve, and the costs coming down greatly over the past few years, I have started to use DNA testing in my genealogy research. My goal is to verify my paper trail lines, as well as to try to discover ancestors even further back in time. If you believe we may be related and have already taken a DNA test, or are interested in getting tested, please contact me as I would be very interested in comparing results.

Here is a list of the lines for which I currently have Y-DNA test results:

In addition to these Y-DNA results, I have autosomal DNA test results (listed under my name of Dan Stone) at Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA and GEDmatch (please see the list below for all the GEDmatch kit numbers I manage). For a list of surnames and locations associated with my lines, or to see my ancestral pedigree, please see the Charts page. You may also want to take a look at my DNA Chromosome Map. If you discover we match on any of our lines, I would really appreciate hearing from you!
  • Myself: Dan Stone - GEDmatch kit number A890051
  • My father: G. A. S. (administered by Dan Stone) - GEDmatch kit number A340556
  • My mother: S. M. W. (administered by Dan Stone) - GEDmatch kit number A776948
  • My paternal grandmother: L. C. D. (administered by Dan Stone) - GEDmatch kit number A349370
  • My maternal grandmother's brother: R. E. H. (administered by Dan Stone) - GEDmatch kit number A242029

I am also currently seeking descendants of the following families to begin doing DNA test comparisons:
  • Evers family of Kent, Jefferson County, Indiana, and Pike County, Missouri
  • Elias Stone family of early Greene County, Pennsylvania
  • Any Wright families of 1700 - 1760 New Jersey, especially of Essex County, Hunterdon County and/or Morris County

If you would like to learn more about what the benefits are to chromosome mapping and the GEDmatch site, or need help with using your Ancestry DNA results to do comparisons on the GEDmatch site, please see the following blog posts I've written:

If you would like to contribute results for inclusion here, or are interested in getting tested, please contact me.